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Continuous Care

On occasion, medical crises can occur which require close medical supervision. Symphony Hospice has the ability to provide continuous, around-the-clock care by our nursing team so that hospitalization can be avoided. Once the medical crisis is successfully dealt with, the patient can return to routine hospice care.


Continuous nursing care is recommended if the patient displays symptoms that are uncontrolled by the caregiving team but chooses to stay in their home. Continuous care is much like inpatient care with the exception
of the fact that the patient remains in their home instead of being admitted to an inpatient care facility.


This advanced level of care is necessary during periods of “crisis” to maintain the patient’s condition within the home setting. A hospice nurse will be present in the patient’s home environment continuously to administer medications, provide treatments, care, and support until the symptoms are controlled.

Home Nurse Examining Patient
Patient and Nurse

Some examples of symptoms that may require continuous care include unrelieved severe pain, severe nausea and vomiting, severe shortness of breath, anxiety or panic attacks, or a breakdown in the primary caregiver support system. Continuous care is considered a short term level of care and generally lasts from hours to days depending on the progression of the patient’s condition.


Not every hospice patient will need continuous care, but it is comforting to know that it is available and can provide important peace of mind to patients and their loved ones.

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