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Routine Care

Routine hospice care is often the most common level of hospice care provided to patients facing a life-limiting illness. Within this level of care are included services such as visits by the members of the nursing as well as the social worker teams.


Patients may receive routine hospice care in their private homes or wherever they reside, a nursing facility, an assisted living facility, or board and care. Routine care includes intermittent visits from all the members of the Interdisciplinary Team.

A patient will be placed at this level of care if they reside at home (or a long-term care facility) and the symptoms of their illness are successfully controlled with medication and treatments.

We are proud to offer in-home hospice care to patients and their families in Southern California. Bringing care to the patient allows our patients to be surrounded by the loved ones and to end life in familiar home surroundings.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Within this level of care, our patients and their families have access to the following services:


·         Intermittent visits by the nursing staff, providing care, education, and overall support

·         Visits by our hospice aides

·         Medications, medical supplies, and equipment

·         Pain and symptom management

·         On-call nursing consultants available 24/7/365

·         After hours visits  

·         Social worker to help with counseling and support

·         Chaplains to help with spiritual counseling and support

·         Bereavement services

·         Volunteers for companionship and short respite

·         Insightful literature and guidelines for caregivers to provide the best level of comfort and quality of living


The needs of the patient will determine the number of visits from the hospice staff team members. These needs are identified and outlined in a plan of care developed by the patient and family, the hospice team, and the patient’s physician(s). The plan of care serves as a guideline to assist all those providing care and support to the patient. At this level of care, the patient also has access to on-call hospice nursing consultants 24/7/365.


Nurses, hospice aides, physicians, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers will work together efficiently and effectively to manage symptoms resulting from the patient’s illness, while, at the same time, providing emotional, mental, and spiritual support to the patient and the patient’s family.

Knowing when it is time to decide on hospice and choosing the right hospice care provider are two critical decisions. Our incredible team of professionals is here to help guide patients and their families through the difficult decision making process for end-of-life care.

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