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Not an instrument but an orchestra of care!

Spiritual Counseling

A good number of individuals depend on religion or other spiritual beliefs to reflect on profound ideas such as the meaning of life, morality, ethics, and afterlife. Often times, such concerns become more apparent and troublesome towards the end stages of the human life. People question if they did enough good in their lives; they question if they refrained from acting unethically enough times. Others ponder what will happen to them once they close their eyes for the last time.

These are very important questions, and offering complete or even partial answers to these questions provides quantifiable results in alleviating some of the emotional and spiritual distress that a person is facing when facing a life-limiting illness.

Reading Bible
Hands Holding Beads

Our spiritual counselors use a non-denominational approach, more often than not, giving the patient the lead in reflecting on their beliefs. Our chaplains do not replace the patient’s priest, minister, or rabbi. They assist the patient and family in performing prayers and other spiritual and religious rituals. They are invaluable in addressing the needs for planning for memorial/funeral services. Some of these topics are hard to bring out into the open, which is where our chaplains provide unmatched support in building a sound defense in the face of anticipatory grief.

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