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Not an instrument but an orchestra of care!

Medications, Medical Supplies & Equipment

A good question is “how does one care for an individual with a serious illness or multiple serious illnesses in a home setting?” It is a good question, because some of our patients require extensive care, which results in the need of durable medical equipment in addition to medical supplies and medications.


Having easy access to the proper medical equipment in good working condition and the medical supplies required allows patients to receive care in the location of their choice. 

Once a patient is enrolled into hospice care, one of our hospice nurses will conduct an initial assessment of the patient’s symptoms, pain levels, as well as patient’s needs for supplies or equipment to provide the best level of comfort and quality of living. Our team, then, will arrange for the delivery of such goods directly to the patients place of residence. Typically, the first delivery is made within a 24-hour period, following other deliveries on a per-need basis.

Wheelchair Accessibility_1

Of course, the assessment is accessible by the entire hospice team, including our medical director, who can help determine if additional (aside from our standard comfort kit) medications, medical supplies, and equipment are necessary on an individual level. 

You may wonder what the cost of these goods may be; you shouldn’t. Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans cover 100% of hospice medical equipment and supplies costs related to a hospice patient’s terminal diagnosis. Our team will work directly with these organizations and companies to coordinate the coverage of these benefits, relaying none of the cost to the patient and the family.

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